How To Book with Paxia Travel

How To Book with Paxia Travel

Paxia works with multiple GDSs we can offer you a GDS through Paxia or we can link you GDS with our GDS, so you can issue tickets utilizing our contracts.

How It Works FAQs

Do I Keep My GDS Segments? Yes, if you have a GDS, you keep your GDS segments.

What if I do not have a GDS? We can offer you GDS access. Our preferred GDS is Amadeus and we can offer it at NO COST to your agency.

What about debit memos? We have a ticketing auditing team that catches many of the most common errors that result in a debit memo. However, any debit memos are your responsibility and we will invoice your agency.

What is the charge? We charge $5/ticket.

What about voids, refunds, exchanges, name changes, etc.? Ticket voids are free within 24 hours, while we generally charge $10-$25 for other changes and waivers.